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Portfolios Management


AC is on the map as one of the top asset managers in Egypt

AC manages all kind of portfolios for a number of distinguished puplic and private sector entities along with some high net worth individuals .

Clients include banks, pension funds, insurance companies, foreigners (companies and individuals), and local (companies and banks).

Public Sector Equity Success Stories:

• 2015 AC ranked 1st in National Investment Bank bid technical evaluation . Out of  13 other asset managers AC was one of 10 asset managers awarded the management of their portfolio.

• AC succeeded in National organization for social Insurance bid and was awarded the management of their portfolio along with 5 other asset managers out of 12 applied for the bid

• 2014 AC was invited, along with 18 asset managers, to submit a technical and financial proposal to manage Egypt Post Equity portfolio.

After going through a rigorous competition, AC was one among six to succeed in passing the technical evaluation and getting awarded the management of their portfolio.

• 2013 AC was 1 in 10 asset managers that were chosen to manage Banque Misr equity portfolio.  At the end of the first year, AC was verbally recognized as the best performing company for the year. 

• 2013 AC was recognized by Arab Contractors as one of their best asset managers, and increased their portfolio by 2 times.

• 2010 AC was short listed along with another asset manager and was awarded a 5 year capital guaranteed portfolio from Egypt Post.  

By the end of year 4, Egypt Post decided to withdraw all there fund to reallocate them, and AC was recognized the best performer for those 4 years.

• 2010: AC was  shortlisted for Arab Contractor Pension Fund, and awarded the management of a balanced fund.

Funds Management

Fixed Income

AC is on the map as one of the top asset managers in Egypt.

• AC was awarded the management of Al Masry,  Egyptian Arab Land Bank first open ended fund in  2012.

• With an initial target size of EGP 50 million, Al Masry was over-subscribed 5 times and reached EGP 286 million during the first two-week subscription period.

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